Amazing dog crawled for a week over rocks and stones in search of help. COMPLETE STORY !

Viktor Larkhill
CARMEN MUST BE OPERATED TOMORROW!!!! THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION! WE HAVE TO SAVE HER RIGHT LEG!!! The wound is not completely closed, but the bone has improved greatly and the possibility of success is high. IN TOMORROW’S SURGERY, WE WILL INSTALL EXTERNAL FIXATION THAT WILL PROVIDE STABILITY UNTIL THE WOUND IS COMPLETELY CLOSED AND WE CAN INSTALL A FINAL FIXATION PLATE! THE SURGERY IS TOMORROW.. IT’S NOW OR NEVER!!! CARMEN NEEDS YOU... HELP US SAVE HER They Went to the Shelter to Rescue 6 Puppies - But Watch What Happens When They Get There. DOG FOUND ABUSED, BONES TWISTED, BRAIN DAMAGE AND UNABLE TO STAND ! SHARE. THIS DOG IS A LITTLE DEVIL. DON´T BELIEVE IT? WATCH! WORLD´S MOST COURAGEOUS DOG IS HAVING HER FINAL SURGERY ON FRIDAY. Dogs, man's best and funniest friends - funny dog compilation. See abandoned dog's amazing transformation. THE DOG THAT MADE THE WORLD CRY ... REMEMBERING AVA! Amazing recovery of dog with broken back left to die in field of shattered glass. AMAZING VET CARE FOR DOG ABUSED LEFT WITH TWISTED LEGS AND BRAIN DAMAGE ! SHARE! Rescuing a Dog Who Was Starved to the Brink of Death - Her Recovery Will AMAZE You! Please Share! A DAY IN THE LIFE OF THE WORLD´S LUCKIEST DOG! We Went to Rescue Newborn Puppies But Never Expected to Find This. Abused Dog Stares at Wall for Days After Being Rescued. GIANT DOG SPENT ALL HIS LIFE IN CHAINS... ALL HE WANTED WAS LOVE!! Please SHARE. dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens.

by Viktor Larkhill

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