Amazing recovery of dog hit by a car and left paralysed by the side of the road

Viktor Larkhill
With the arrival of the summer people abandon dogs on the fields and the roads and Hugo ONE OF THE FIRST VICTIMS! We don´t know how long Hugo was on the road before the car hit him, but we know the state in which he arrived to us. HUGO WAS PARALYZED, with a disk hernia between T13-L1. He barely had any deep sensitivity on his back legs, and unless he was operated immediately he would have remained paralysed forever. Amazing transformation of a dog abused, neglected and left to die. DOG rescued from the streets with MASSIVE TUMOR INSIDE HIM needs URGENT SURGERY ! How a little microchip changed this dog's life!!! Please share this important video. Paralysed dog rescued, watch her amazing recovery! Please share. Scared Homeless Dog Has the Rescue of a Lifetime. Her Transformation Will Melt Your Heart. Paralyzed Dog WALKS! OMG 8 Gorgeous Sweet Loving Injured Starving Abandoned Dogs Rescued from Detroit: Rescuing Rogue #14. AMAZING DOG ABANDONED AT THE AIRPORT IN A WHEELCHAIR MEETS HIS NEW FAMILY ! Dog Vines Greatest Hits Compilation ✔ 60+ Funny Dog Vines. Abused Dog Feels For the First Time Petting Instead of Abusing. Amazing recovery of dog tied to a tree and starved for five years. MUST SEE THE END! Dogs learn to drive a car in New Zealand. Dog kept in a dungeon covered in bird remains and rat feces UPDATE 28 DECEMBER. A Sweet Little Female Shelter Dog Only Given 24 Hours To Be Rescued! Puppy Abandoned on a Busy Road Gets Rescued Just in Time.

by Viktor Larkhill

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