Amazing recovery of dog hit by a car and left paralysed by the side of the road

Viktor Larkhill
With the arrival of the summer people abandon dogs on the fields and the roads and Hugo ONE OF THE FIRST VICTIMS! We don´t know how long Hugo was on the road before the car hit him, but we know the state in which he arrived to us. HUGO WAS PARALYZED, with a disk hernia between T13-L1. He barely had any deep sensitivity on his back legs, and unless he was operated immediately he would have remained paralysed forever. Dog Hit by Car - Bones Crushed. Dog Travels from Mexico to Arizona. Amazing transformation of dog abandoned on the highway to be hit and killed. Please Share. AMAZING TRANSFORMATION OF DOG THAT LIVED IN A DUNGEON FOR YEARS. Puppy Won't Leave His Dying Mother Who Has Blood Fading and Low of Red Blood Cells. PARALYZED DOG Flew from Thailand to Canada After Found Dragging his Paralyzed Body on The Beach. Expressing bladder of a paralyzed dog. Funny Dog Fails: Man's Best Friend (May 2017). Dogs, man's best and funniest friends - funny dog compilation. Amazing recovery of dog with broken back left to die in field of shattered glass. A Sweet Little Female Shelter Dog Only Given 24 Hours To Be Rescued! Cute Dog babysitting Dog loves baby when the first time they met. Dog Vines Greatest Hits Compilation ✔ 60+ Funny Dog Vines. IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS THIS IS GOING TO MOVE YOU TO TEARS (OF JOY!). Kenny - A Paralyzed Doberman Learns To Walk Again - PLEASE SHARE. Facial Paralysis From Ear Infection in a French Bulldog.

by Viktor Larkhill

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