Amazing [Rescued] Dog Tricks

Juliette Roux-Merveille
Charlie is a five-year-old Brittany/Gorden Setter mix, rescued at the age of 2 after his owner died and after staying behind bars for a year. He also happens to be the winner of France's Got Talent 2015. Daïka is an unkown-aged malinois, probably around 4, rescued for the streets. She was severly beaten, her ears had been cut, and she was found with a hole in her head. She had to learn how to be a normal dog again. Kodi is a 2-year-old crossbread (probably mixed with and Irish Wolfhound), found in the streets at the age of 7 months. He waited 6 months at the shelter. Charlie, Daïka and Kodi are trained with clicker training and Positive Renforcement. Who can follow them here : Polisi Ini Nyaris Digigit Saat Melatih Anjing. Belgian Malinois Appearance of the working type. BELGIAN MALINOIS: THE SHEPHERD WITH A PIT BULL'S SPIRIT. Vici The Whippet & amazing dog tricks [1 year together]. BERGER MALINOIS TRÈS AGRESSIF ENVERS HUMAINS. Funny Dog Tricks #13. Cat vs Dog: A Trick Contest. Border Collie dog tricks Zygzak. Pastor belga malinois fazendo guarda. Dog Tricks by Enya Australian Shepherd. Daïka, Malinois Dog Tricks [2 Years]. Marnie Sheltie ❤ Amazing Dog Tricks ❤. Most Talented Dogs show their tricks - Can your dog do this? Army dog reunited with handler after being abandoned. Giải cứu chú chó bị bỏ rơi ở bãi rác | Giải Cứu Chó Mèo.

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