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💕Please VOTE for Jesse as Arizona's Cutest Dog! 🐶💕 ✨Voting is open daily, and can be done more than once, until September 9th :) 🌟 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~Hi I'm Jesse~ I am a Jack Russell Terrier who LOVES adventure! Here are my top 5 reasons I should get a Golden Bone: •I am very cute. My Momma says I've got the cute puppy dog look down-pat. She can't resist my adorableness. •I love travelling. Whether by plane, train, or car; I'm game! Visiting new and exciting places is one of my all time favorite things. •Playful is my middle name! Want to play ball? Frisbee? Play on the beach? I'm in! I can play all day~ •I love to entertain. Performing amazing tricks is an all-time favorite pastime of mine. Performing a walking hand stand, or doing a somersault? No problem, these tricks are a crowd favorite. •Best of all, I always make my mom smile and bring happiness into her life with my adorable antics and charming personality.♥♥♥ Being able to have a fun-filled day, all about the dogs, with my Mom in NYC would be so much fun! What bigger adventure could a little Jack Russell hope for :) We hope you enjoy! ~Heather and Jesse~ Can't get enough Jesse? Follow all of his adventures on Instagram & Facebook!: Jesse is taught using exclusively positive reinforcement and relationship-based training. Find out more on his Official Website: **Music by: Josh Woodward "Gigolo-Instrumental" Classic Dog Trick: Nylabone Treat Flip. Scary Experience II GAF Roofing Just Jesse the Jack. Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier in a Storm. My Crazy Jack Russell Terrier Jesse. Best Dog On YouTube Just Jesse the Jack. Behind the scenes of a WOW! Commercial with Jessie the Jack Russell Terrier. A Jack Russell Christmas. Jesse's Valentine's Day Gift Ideas. Useful Dog Tricks 2 performed by Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier. Jesse Dramatically Plays Dead: Amazing Dog Trick. Jesse Goes Crazy for Zippy Paws! *Coupon Code in Description. Jesse vs The Balloons!! Just Jesse's Amazing Dog Tricks. Summertime Fun with Jesse. Mighty Dog: Jesse Protector of the House.

by JustJesse197

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