Braille - Novice Trick Dog Submission

Keller The Double Merle
Braille is a deaf and blind double merle Australian Shepherd, filmed here doing novice tricks for consideration for his Novice Trick Dog title with Do More With Your Dog. Music: Midday Dance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: 55 INCREDIBLE SKATEBOARDING TRICKS | JONNY GIGER. Trick Dog Champion Title | 'Flirt' 6 Month Belgian Malinois. Blind/Deaf Dog Basic Handling & Grooming. Teaching a dog to catch treats. Deaf Girl Teaches Deaf Puppy Sign Language. Dog Bow | Do More With Your Dog | Tutorials. Deaf and Blind Dog Training - Recall With a Vibration Collar. Prim - Intermediate Trick Dog. Cover Your Eyes dog trick via clicker training and capturing. Nosey Dogs Blind Deaf Australian Shepherd. Cutest Australian Shepherd Blue Merle & Red-Tri Puppies Ever !!! Munchie Novice Trick Dog Submission - Aug 12, 2016. 48 Easy Dog Tricks - for Novice Trick Dog Title Dog-Tricks | Instagam-Video #1 | Australian Shepherd Mila ♥. Swayze my double merle aussie puppy.

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