Canada's Artic Dogs Documentary

Canadian Eskimo Dog Also known as the Exquimaux Husky, Esquimaux Dog, and Qimmiq, the Canadian Eskimo Dog has its origins in the aboriginal sled dogs used by the Thule people of Arctic Canada.[19] The breed as it exists today was primarily developed through the work of the Canadian government.[19] It is capable of pulling between 45 and 80 kilograms (99 and 176 lb) per dog for distances between 24 and 113 kilometres (15 and 70 mi).[19] The Canadian Eskimo Dog was also used as a hunting dog, helping Inuit hunters to catch seals, musk ox, and polar bears.[19] A Chinook. Coywolf: New dog-coyote-wolf hybrid - National Geographic Documentary. Wild Horses of Ardmore Alberta. Eskimo Hunters in Alaska - The Traditional Inuit Way of Life | 1949 Documentary on Native Americans. Canadian Inuit Dogs Legends: The guardians of the gates of Heaven. Bushcraft - Traditional Snowshoes Styles, Advantages, Disadvantages. Norman Rockwell Documentary. ALL ABOUT LIVING WITH THE DOGO ARGENTINO. Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs 2016. THE BOERBOEL A MASTIFF DOG BRED TO DO BATTLE WITH AFRICAN LIONS. Eskimo Hunters: Northwestern Alaska, 1949. Brian Ladoon explains why the Canadian Eskimo Dog is an endangered breed. History of the Pipe Organ vol. 4 The Modern Age. Aggressive & Vicious Dog Attacks - Death Cases and Worst Injuries Documentary. Doug Getgood - A Year in the Northern Wilderness. How to Build an Igloo.

by BMajorBrock

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