Cute Boxer Dog Eat Cucumber

Boxer Rex loves a lot of fruits and veggies and he likes cucumber but have never got a hole cucumber. Here are some other examples of what he´s been eating: Get More Great Rex Videos - Click Subscribe ➜ Boxer Rex Would Love If You Leave A Comment And Share This Video On Social Media 😁 ➜ And Please Hit That Thumbs Upp Button If You Like Rex Videos 👍 😁 Check out my new homepage ➜ Watch Rex Playlist - Lots Of Great Videos ➜ Boxer Rex is a Swedish male boxer born 14th of August 2015 and lives outside of Landskrona in the south of Sweden. He´s loving, fun, crazy, energetic, faithful and a typical high energy boxer. It´s never a dull moment when you are with Rex. He comes from the Relative´s Kennel breeder in Kågeröd in Sweden and his breeder name is Relative´s Michelangelo - but we call him Rex witch means KING in Latin. Subscribe to see him grow. Take care! Voff! 😁 /Rex Linus the Boxer loves his baby. 9 Funniest Boxer Videos [NEW]. Dog Eat Ice Cream And Walk In The Lake. Boxer dog throws a random Tantrum? TOP 10 CUTEST BOXER PUPPY VIDEOS OF ALL TIME. Boxer Dog Rex Meet A Hedgehog. Boxer Puppies won't leave Baby alone | Beautiful friendship at first sight. Boxer Dog Attacking Dad´s Machine! Brock the Boxer Dog vs. Fish. Cute Boxer Dogs Playing And Protecting Babies Videos Compilation. Funny Water Toy For Dogs 😂 Endless Hours Of Fun! Luke the boxer has an attitude... Typical teenager! 1 Yr. Old Pit Boxer Mix (POPEYE). SLIP 'N SLIDE BOXERS ON POOL COVER!! (Brock the Boxer Dog). Boxer dog mad at me about leaving the dog park.

by BoxerRex

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