Day 13: Oprhan Puppy's First Foods!

Rachel Fusaro
Day 13: of DAILY "foster dog vlogs" for one month! I volunteer with the amazing Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. Today was my orphan pup's first time eating formula, what a blast! They enjoyed their gruel! Apply to adopt at Subscribe for updates, and share this video to show the world that rescue puppies are the best kind of puppy (Link to share: Big thanks to the rescue I volunteer with, Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. Dontate to support this family here: * Hottest Video!: * Instagram: @FusarosFosters *Heart of Texas Lab Rescue Wish List: MUSIC Credit: Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: New Here? Catch Up and Share: - Foster Dog First Day Home: - 2nd Vid: - 3rd Vid: - 4th Vid: - 5th Vid: - 6th Vid: - PUPPY Party: - Dog & Fireworks: - Saying Goodbye 1: - Saying Goodbye 2: - Puppy Name Reveal: - Dog vs Watermelon: - We made the News! : - Dog Anxiety: - Saying Goodbye #2: -W Puppies first day home: -Puppy's First Solids: Subscribe and share the videos to support foster dogs! Resources: -Questions? Suggestions? Comment down below! -Instagram: @FusarosFosters for daily updates! -For adoption and volunteer info near Austin: (donations accepted here as well) -Shopping for your pet in Austin? Visit -Looking for pet photos in Austin? Puppy Milk Recipe Formula Hand Feeding Newborn Puppies Bottle Feed Milk Replacement. Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation 2012. Funny Puppy Videos Compilation 2014. 3 week old puppies eating food for the first time. Puppy's first night home, won't stop crying. TOP 10 DOG BREEDS - TOY POODLE Compilation. Puppies and Babies Playing Together Compilation 2014. 16 Funny Puppy Videos Compilation 2016. Elvis the Bulldog Puppy reads his mom the riot act. Day 8: Foster Dog Struggles | Bummer Adoption Update. Dog Vlog: You're Not Supposed To Do That. 5 weeks old lab puppies eating their first food. Heartbreak and Euphoria for Mama Dog and Her Pups. Funny dogs never fail to make you happy and smile - Funny dog compilation. Cute Puppies Compilation || NEW.

by Rachel Fusaro

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