Dog jumping for balloon

Fred Hassen
"Angel" knows that "Sit Means Sit".......but she also knows 'Bounce Means Bounce"!!

Takes a lot of doggy skill to chase balloons all day and NEVER pop them!!

"Angel"is owned by Sit Means Sit client and Hall of Fame Martial Arts legend Nick Blomgren (1 Kick Nick) of Dog vs. Shark: Cute Dog Maymo. Spaz Attacks Water Balloons! Dachshund Dog Balloon Fun! Dog Can't Burst Balloon. Balloon Shop Mixes Up Baby Gender Reveal. DOG vs. WATER BALLOONS. Dog flips over his new ball! FAIL! Cat jumps as balloon pops! Balloon popping dog,Anastasia's daughter Twinkie breaks 100. Dog balloon broken video. Scared dog popping balloons. How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping on the Door Using Balloons! Vizsla Dog Magyar Vizsla Paul shows cute Balloon-Jumping Vizsla Slowmotion. Dog in a Hot Air Balloon! The stubborn side to owning a Boxer dog.

by Fred Hassen

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