Dog Swimming Pool Day! Saved by Life Guard!

Lunatic the Husky and April
We are a little late posting a video. Sorry to our amazing subscribers who are so patient! This weekend we took Lunatic to an event that had a swimming pool for dogs day! It was so much fun and Lunatic LOVED it!! Here are some clips of her enjoying the water. If you note at the end of the video... Lunatic decided to jump off the deep end. Well our little pup had to get rescued by the life guard since she didn't have the ladder to climb out. She got herself half out of the water and had some help for the rest of the way. That part of the video is bad quality since I was ready to go running in there!! But, she is a very strong swimmer and would have figured out that she had to swim back to the shallow end of the pool. ;)

More videos next week! We have some fun end of summer videos that I think you will love! Comment below if there are more videos you would like to see or any ideas that you wish we did!

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