DOG TRICKS AND TRAINING | Labrador and schipperke

Rin Vrtichvost
This is a promo video about dog tricks and training for my web:
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Dog tricks by:
Shipperke Xar (Rin) Taien: 18 months
Labrador Cindy: 6 years
About Cindy- yes, she is fat, but it´s my parrents dog and now I live in another town. So sadly I can do nothing with her weight :/
Training by: Me. I train and teach tricks with my dogs with possitive methods.
Hope you like it! How To Potty Train A Schipperke Puppy - Schipperke House Training Tips - Schipperke Puppies. Schipperke Swimming. Schipperke Attacks. Brave Schipperke dog crosses a suspension bridge. Schipperke-Welpen 7 Wochen. AGATA Nubika (Schipperke) - sheep herding. Bob the Schipperke puppy waking up & being super sweet. Extreme dog tricks & IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE !!! SCHIPPERKE DOG RUNS RAMPANT : It's Midnight Time! Schipperke - AKC Dog Breed Series. Schipperke Called Tasmanian Black Devil. This is what schipperke barking sounds like. Life of Schipperkes Communication Canine. Chiot Schipperke jouant avec les chats Maine Coon et Siamois. My schipperke knows what he wants.

by Rin Vrtichvost

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