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An amusing compilation of dogs throwing temper tantrums even at the sound of a bath! They scowl, they argue, drag their feet, bark, resist, hide, and whatever else just to get away from a bath. Apparently there are some dogs that really dread getting washed! The arguing Husky was my favorite. No dogs were harmed so this is a fun watch! Enjoy TRY NOT TO LAUGH (HARDEST VERSION) - Funniest CAT & DOG Compilation December 2016. dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens. Cats just don't want to bathe - Funny cat bathing compilation. Funny dogs never fail to make you happy and smile - Funny dog compilation. Real life of baby monkey - Cute animals and Pets compilation. Cute dogs waking up owners. Emma says 'I don't wanna take a bath!'. Cute Dogs vs Bath Time Videos 2015. Funny dog-BEST Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation 2016. Top 10 Funny Dog Commercial. Funny Dogs Video Compilation 2015. Zoo Animals vs Kids! | Video Digest. Cats are so funny you will die laughing - Funny cat compilation. Funny animals will make you burst into laughter - Funny animal compilation. Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation (2015).

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