Good natured police dog gets fired from a job due the unsuitability to get better job opportunity

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Good-natured police dog gets fired from a job due the unsuitabilityto get better job opportunity.

Meet Gavel, the German shepherd who was fired from a job as a police dog for being too friendly for this type of work.

Instead of sniffing for explosives and catching thieves for the Queensland Police Service in Brisbane, Eastern Australia, the pooch was more interested in getting a belly rub or two.

However, being the good-looking boy that he is, he didn’t have to spend a lot of time standing in line with the unemployed, because he has just landed an even better role for himself.

All he has to do is just be his usual, social, and charming self – as he became the official Vice-Regal dog.

Paul de Jersey met Gavel for the first time when he was just a 10-week-old puppy, as the doggie was supposed to live at the governor’s official residence throughout his training.

The moment the politician heard the dog’s training was cancelled because of his friendliness, he stepped in and officially adopted the pooch.

Gavel even got to sign the contract that says his duties include welcoming visitors and attending official ceremonies – often dressed in fancy little outfits.

Gavel, you did good for yourself, little fellow!

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