Huge moray eel loves diver and his camera

Rumble Viral
Dive master and animal lover Nito is known in the diving world for many reasons. Famous for his underwater bubble rings, he has no trouble making friends with any ocean creature. Moray eels are large and intimidating to most people and they would be terrified to be approached by such a formidable creature. You can even see this eel's large teeth as it nibbles the camera. Nito shows that this eel is more curious than aggressive. It almost seems to be playing with the snorkelers and divers. These eels, like any ocean creature should still be treated with great caution. Source & embed code: For licensing, please email Diver comes dangerously close to giant moray eel. This Giant Moray Eel Just Scared The Heck Of Out Some Divers, But This Footage Are Stunning. Scuba Diving in Thailand - Moray Eel vs Sea Snake. Moray eel attacked and eaten by moray eel. Funny-looking puffer fish fascinated by diver's camera. This Eel's Second Jaw Delivers the Death Blow. Moray eel attacks underwater cameraman. Circling sharks aggressively bump into diver. Loving cat preciously cuddles dog. 5 foot green moray eel eating large fish. Viper Moray Eel Attacks Octopus. Oliver The Green Moray Eel Loves to be Petted. Deadly stingray circles back and touches diver. Mom can't handle VR roller coaster ride. Green Moray eel attack, Grand Cayman.

by Rumble Viral

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