Puppy Dog Hannah Hit by Car Rushed to Vet by Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue: Ep #15 Rescuing Rogue

World Animal Awareness Society
You're going to love Terri Sumpter and Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue! Please, make a donation to send us on our next mission: http://www.WA2S.org/donate This puppy was left in the cold overnight after sustaining an injury, and Detroit Pit Crew was her only savior. This puppy dog rescue is part of the Rescuing Rogue series - Episode # 15 with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue featuring Terri Sumpter and Produced by WA2S Films: http://www.wa2s.org/film--tv HIRE WA2S FILMS FOR YOUR SHOOT AND HELP MORE DOGS! Be a WA2S Films patron on the WA2S Films Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/WA2SFilms Subscribe to the official WA2S Films YouTube Channel for updates and new rescue videos: http://www.youtube.com/WA2Sorg For more about Detroit Pit Crew dog Rescue: https://detroitpitcrew.com/ WA2S Films is: Deanna Vollano & Tom McPhee c. 2017 All Rights Reserved World Animal Awareness Society http://www.WA2S.org/WA2S-Films 818.561.5109 Los Angeles Althea's Makeover - Shelter Vet Removes Large Mass, Dog's Vision Saved. OUR DOG GOT HIT BY A CAR. Dog Attends Church You Won't Believe How Detroit Pit Crew Gets Him Back Home: Ep #17 Rescuing Rogue. Animal Rescue : Poodle Siblings living in the sewer gets a heartwarming transformation. Kodi, 6 Months [Rescued Dog]. Watching a Puppy Grow - The first 14 days - Newborn Pomeranian Puppy. Baby Goats Rescued In Team Effort. The City of Detroit's Police Department | REFUSES TO DISPATCH. Dog gets hit by car. OMG 8 Gorgeous Sweet Loving Injured Starving Abandoned Dogs Rescued from Detroit: Rescuing Rogue #14. Amazing recovery of giant blind dog abandoned by his family at a kill shelter. Rescuing a homeless senior dog from a water treatment facility. Please share. puppy dog hit by car in Bosnia, Donji Vakuf. Amazing dog crawled for a week over rocks and stones in search of help. COMPLETE STORY ! Dog Hit 'Live on TV' During LA Pursuit, Saved by Media / Los Angeles WARNING ***GRAPHIC***.
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