Lobsterman saves dog swimming all alone in middle of ocean

NORTH HAVEN, Mass. - A dog named Maddie is back with its owner after a group of boaters spotted her swimming all alone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. According to NECN, a ferry off the coast of Falmouth, Massachusetts, was on its way to Martha’s Vineyard when passengers spotted a dog desperately paddling toward their boat. "Everyone on the boat was like, ‘Oh my God! We have to help him,'" Carol Potier told NECN. The ferry was too high, and crew members couldn’t quite reach the dog, but they managed to flag down a nearby fishing boat. According to Maine Marine Patrol, lobsterman Corey Beverage was able to pluck the dog from the water. Other fishermen aboard the boat contacted Marine Patrol, which was able to locate Maddie’s owner. Maine Marine Patrol said Maddie was separated from her owner when she went in the water while on her owner's recreational boat. The two have since been reunited. Overboard Maverick- Dog jumps on Dolphins (Really Funny-Must See). Unique feeling in life...Swimming in the middle of ocean... SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN! | Vlogmas 2014. Top 10 Ocean Phenomena. Atlantic Ocean Storm - 6 to 8 ms waves. Maine Department of Marine Patrol. Two sailors on the ocean in a sinking boat. CRAZY CANE CORSO PUPPY ITALIAN MASTIFF DOG SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN. My Atlantic Crossing - 3 weeks alone on a 40ft sailboat. 10 Bravest People In The World. Alone in the Ocean 🏄 31 May 2016 📍 Mauritius. Dog Catches Lobster. Tsunami Climbing: Incredible video of ship heading into wave in Japan. Swimming in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. REAL MERMAID CAPTURED SWIMMING IN PACIFIC OCEAN!!

by BrooklynX

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