Now I can't stop laughing! VOLUME 😂😂😂 Via instagram com circus pugs

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What is a dog? Dogs are the eyes and ears for the blind and deaf. They are therapy for the shut-ins and disabled and can be a best buddy for a ten year old. Dogs will comfort and soothe an elderly widow or pull sleds loaded with medicine through snow and ice. They perform search and rescue when avalanches bury people and towns and can hunt and track lost hikers, locate missing bodies and find babies buried in the rubble of fallen buildings. Dogs can sniff out illegal drugs and bombs buried in hiding places. They track the worst of criminals and help fight wars as well as guarding you, your kids and your property to the death. Dogs will bring joy and companionship to a family, even when the family consists of only one lonely person. They are a status symbol to royalty or they can make you smile when you’re totally down and out. They don’t care what color your skin is or what language you speak or what country you live in. Dogs don’t even care if you/re flat broke or have a trillion dollars. They don’t care if your name is Bill Gates or Earl the “homeless guy in the alley behind the bar.” They will stand by them all to the end. Long live man's best friend! That's what a dog is. What is a dog? The dog, as most people know, descended from the wolf. It was, according to some, domesticated roughly 25,000 years ago and since then, there have been at least 400 breeds bred world wide. The smallest of all the breeds is the tiny teacup poodle. The largest is the Irish wolfhound. Believe it or not, the plain old mixed breed is by far the most popular breed in the world today! Forget your pedigree. The mutt wins out as the number one dog in popularity! Pug vs. Baby - the neverending battle. Keane - Can´t Stop Now (Live At O2 Arena DVD) (High Quality video)(HQ). Plan on doing yoga today Think again SHARE if you love yoga interrupting dogs! Pugs can't contain their excitement after meeting baby. Leaks Can't Stop Me Now. Pug dog doing tricks. Püg. Not my PUG not my circus. Pug love gives baby case of the giggles. PUG BATH TIME | MoreTDM. Pug Song. Perro Pug le quita Coche a la Bebe. BABY PUGS FIRST TIME!! can't stop laughing dog gone mad. Dog loses it after finding out he's at pet store.

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