Pit Bull Champion Jumping Dogs - ( Antara - Can Leap Up 4 Metre World Record )

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Jumping Dogs  Champion Record Pit Bull Antara Can Leap Up 4 Metre ! 8 month old Pitbull puppy jumps 4ft fence. 😂ANIMALS ARE IDIOTS 5!!!😂. American Staffordshire-Pit bull Primo 20 foot Jump - Splash Dogs. Hawaii's Strongest Pit Bull Competition. 4 Metre Zıplayan Köpek Harika. When Police Got Called About A Dangerous Pit Bull, They Never Expected The Dog To Do This…. pitbull vs cow attack. 😂ANIMALS ARE IDIOTS!!!😂. High Jumping Dogs. Pitbull Show Serbia 24/05/2015 Weight Pulling & Sporting Dogs Bulgaria- Malinois 2015. Highest jump by a dog - World record videos. This Is What Happens When A Wild Wolf Approaches A Pet Dog. Cape Coral Dog Sets Dock-Diving World Record. el salto mas largo de un pitbull en la historia 13 metros alrededor record guiness. TOP 10 MOST MUSCULAR DOG BREEDS.

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