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How to use a prong collar on a strong dog. Stop leash pulling this way. This is a training demo with a large protection trained German Shepherd. Please watch the leash handling video FIRST at : We have full support at our website: We will show you how to use any dog training collar humanely. American line German Shepherd vs Working line ( Two Dog Personal Protection Team ( How to properly fit a prong collar- Chicago Dog Training. Protection Dog Training for Pets ( Best Dog Training Video Ever! - 11 week old trained German Shepherd puppies! How to Use Choke Chains and Prong Collars Properly for Dog Training. Alişan K9 köpeğiyle büyük imtihanı. How to Train Your Dog to Sit - Dog Training. Dogs Protecting Their Owners Real Life Footage. German Shepherd Dog Training and Mastering The Art of Attention In Only 1 week. The Truth about Positive Dog Training - part 2 ( Intro to prong collars How to Dog Training Solid K9 Training. Training Your Dog With A Prong Collar. How to Train a Dog to 'Sit' ( HOW to Train a Real Protection Dog PART 2 (
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