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Protection dog training clips from the last two saturday classes at paladin center. This is a unique class that focuses mainly on the protection of the handler and responsible management of dogs that have protective temperaments. This class is just as much about controlling aggression and proper bond with the dog as it is allowing the dog to know when it is appropriate to show aggression and be protective. Hermiona K9 manof personal protection knife attack protection kenya. GERMAN SHEPHERD PROTECTING 4 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL FROM BAD GUY. Best Dog Training Video Ever! - 11 week old trained German Shepherd puppies! Dog Attacks Child. Why? ( 'Jazz' Home Protection German Shepherd Prospect - TOP 10 BEST GUARD DOGS. German Shepherd Military Soldier. K9 Police Dog Training - Police Tactics. Family Uses Their German Shepherd Protection Dog, Aspen, in Training. How to Train a Dog to Go to a 'Place' Mat ( How to Train a dog to Lie 'Down' ( How to Train a Protection Dog to Hit Hard ( HOW to Train a Real Protection Dog PART 2 ( Two Dog Personal Protection Team ( German Shepherd Puppy Training from 6 weeks to 5 months.
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