Siberian Husky Tip: Best way to train your dog to be smart is to Keep him busy.

Wei Wang
I believe the best way to train your dog to be smart is to keep your dog busy. Remember to ask him/her to perform certain tasks every time each time he/she gets treated. Max is very independent dog. He can lying down in car garage or in an air conditioned room for hours if you don't get bothered him. But I realize that, the more you play with your dog, he will be more smart, and willing to get closer to you. So here is a example of playing balloons with your dog at home. Max is happy and we are happy too. Enjoy to be with your dog. Siberian Husky: Let me Go, I Want a Bunny for Dinner! Funny Husky Videos. best way to keep your husky busy. Our husky is TOO smart!! Testing My Dog's intelligence | Siberian Husky. Adorable 3 years old Siberian Husky Max visits Doctor's Office. GoPro on Chest Mount Harness Catches Siberian Husky's Dog Park Adventure. Siberian Husky Trying to Wake Up Halloween Zombies. Funny Husky Dog Hides in Crate to Avoid Taking a Shower. SIBERIAN HUSKY | 5 Things You Should Know Before Getting One. Huskies: What to Expect When Owning One. Top 5 Discipline Dogs Videos Compilation. TIP FOR FIRST TIME SIBERIAN HUSKY OWNERS. Tip: Siberian Husky NEVER grow up! How do you keep a husky busy for hours?

by Wei Wang

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