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The Dalmatian is a breed of large dog, noted for its unique black or liver spotted coat and mainly used as a carriage dog in its early days. Its roots trace back to Croatia and its historical region of Dalmatia. Today, it is a popular family pet, and many dog enthusiasts enter Dalmatians into kennel club competitions. Character: Cheerful, sociable, cordial, intelligent and affectionate. Particularity: The Walt Disney adaptation of the novel 101 Dalmatians contributed to the popularity of the breed. Dalmatians make excellent mothers and usually have six to eight puppies. 101 Dalmatians - Pongo decides to find a wife for Roger HD. Rambo the smart dalmatian. Bobtail- Dalmation owner talks about the breed on eXpresso. 101 Dalmatians - Cruella De Vil Song HD. 10 MOST DANGEROUS DOGS BREEDS IN THE WORLD. Pet Show - Dalmatians. American Staffordshire Terrier - Pet Dog Documentary English. Dog (Dalmatian) goes to the park (Duck & Ducklings). Dalmatian and Labrador.MOV. Top 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds In The World. Dalmatian Breeder and Her Puppies. Dalmatians Cause Destruction | Too Cute! dalmatians dogs breeds. Operation Dalmation: The Big Adventure - Full Movie. ‪Burke's Backyard, Dalmatian Dog Road Test‬.

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