The Shocking Truth About Puppy Mills (Documentary in HD!!!)

Dim Kampra
Before you buy a dog from a pet shop or a backyard breeder or even a puppy mill think of the dogs that are still going to suffer cause you are helping their abusers by buying their puppies!Don't you for one second think that you are actually saving a dog cause that's a circle which will continue to happen unless people realize that their are not saving dogs by buying them from puppy mills or pet shops but their are actually helping those bastards continue their bloody work!You may think that a pet shop you know is not buying the dogs from a puppy mill cause the owner is a good guy BUT those bastards will do anything to make a profit without caring about the dogs so let me tell you that most of the times not to say all,pet shops get their dogs from puppy mills no matter who is the owner!!!Also,when you see someone sell a dog at a very low price be suspected cause a good breeder will never outsell his/her puppies!Furthermore.if you buy a dog from a puppy mill/pet shop/backyard breeder you are also high risking of getting an unhealthy dog which may have diseases like hip/elbow dysplasia or many other even worse!!So when you want to get a dog,first visit a shelter and then only a reputable breeder!Who is a reputable breeder?A reputable breeder will be registered to FCI if you are in Europe or AKC if you are in America and he/she must show you documents to prove it!A reputable breeder would be proud to show you his kennel so anyone who doesn't want to show you where the dogs live IS NOT a reputable breeder but a backyard breeder or even a puppy mill owner so BE CAREFUL!!!To buy a purebred dog from a reputable breeder is not cheap so when someone wants to sell you a puppy cheap most of the times this guy is as i mentioned before a backyard breeder or a puppy mill owner!!A reputable breeder MUST give you a pedigree,health tests from the dog,health insurance that the dog will be healthy and lastly purebred insurance that the puppy won't turn into a ''mutt''!!

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by Dim Kampra

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