TOP 10! Dogs are so AWESOME! Pit bull life with THE HULK

Follow our new channel!! Heartbreak and Euphoria for Mama Dog and Her Pups. The Strongest protection pit bull on earth. THE HULK LIFE: LOST A SNAKE IN MY HOUSE HOPE THE DOGS DONT SEE. 'Super' Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog. Hulk & The Chihuahua With The Pit Bull Attitude. THE HULK LIFE: He's READY! thats so cute!! Brotherhood! DDKLINE FAMILY VLOG# 19 THE HULK AT THE VET 'COLLECTION' Kobe as moral support. THE HULK LIFE: Feel The Force Giant Blue Pit bull attacks! i called the police! 10 Powerful Superheroes Who Can Beat The Hulk. THE HULK LIFE: He Bite a 5 year old! fell out of the trees. Giant Pit Bull Hulk & The Newborn Baby. DDKLINEFAMILY VLOG#10 Narrated protectioning training part 1. THE HULK LIFE: Omg! He bit the baby!!! THE HULK LIFE: things are changing..its film season. Dead lifting 20 plus XL pit bulls PICKING UP HULK PUPPIES.


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