TOP 10! Dogs are so AWESOME! Pit bull life with THE HULK

DARKDYNASTYK9S Follow our new channel!! OMG he's bigger then my couch. Pit Bull ataca Chow-chow em Colider. Gotta catch them all millions of $ in one place! THE HULK Meets Exotics. DDKLINE FAMILY VLOG # 22 'Meet the parents' HULK parents. Amazing pitbull Fends off robbers. The best father on earth! Giant family Pitbull 'THE HULK' plays with his puppy😍. Pit bull attack: Woman bitten by pit bull more than 30 times while she protected baby - TomoNews. Dogs protect Owners compilation 2015. Giant Pit Bull Hulk & The Newborn Baby: DOG DYNASTY. Pit bull attack: pit bull attacks, pit bull saves, sex with pitbull compilation. BIGEREST PITBULL EVER! HOLY SHIT HULK DOG! Unreal family of protection dogs! training day! 10 Powerful Superheroes Who Can Beat The Hulk. THE HULK LIFE: This is where he started! WHO THE FOOK IS THAT GUY. Giant pit bull puppies hulk kids.


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