Hello Marley
P.S. Marley celebrates his 3rd birthday 1 MARCH!!! But lots of people ask me, if I can't publish it today.. :D So here is it!!! Enjoy! WATCH IN HD!!! Today is that day when my best friend and sweetheart is celebrating his third birthday! It’s already 3 years when he lives with us, makes us a companionship, makes us a pleasant atmosphere. Because of him I found my true interests, so… thank you Marley ♥ I’ve never met more grateful and happy dog like you are. Sometimes you can be really naughty but I forgive you everything during a few minutes, because I always remind these amazing moments with you, when you helped me while I was sad, unhappy and luckless. You’re the only one who can empathize into a human and discover these feelings he’s actually feeling at the moment. And you always know the way, how to delight him. Thank you ♥ You’re grateful for every walk, every new toy, snacks and another treste. You’re also happy when I just come back from schoul. Your cute little tail is wagging all the time, you just an amazing fellow! You’re also very skilful boy, you teach new tricks really very quickly and we practise these tricks together and we love it. ♥ I’m able to thank you all time but I have to short this.  HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY BUDDY, hope you will make me happy permanently. ♥ This video is about dog tricks. ENJOY! http://www.dinomarket.cz/ Thank you for thumbs up, comments and subscribes! ♥ If you like it, you may share this between your friends and family. Marley is trained by positive motivation & clicker training. Song: "Do you want me (dead)?" by All Time Low (I do not own this song) Camera: Canon PowerShot SX530 HS Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13 MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW ALL OUR SITES ♡ FB: www.facebook.com/retrievermarley INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/its_marleys_diary SITE: www.lr-marley.wix.com/marley See you soon ♥ The most unusual and amazing dog tricks! Teach your dog the trick to Sit Pretty. Bitten by Tragedy Cesar Millan s Dog Whisperer'. Nana the Border Collie Performs Amazing Dog Tricks. Labrador Retriever Marley (2,5 years) | SAY IT ♡. The secret skills of Labradors ♡ FULL DOG MEP. How to Teach Your Dog the Freeze Trick | Dog Tricks. How to teach your dog COVER YOUR EYES/BE SHY | Dog Tricks Tutorial. ONE YEAR WITH FRISBEE ♥ Special HD. Amazing [Rescued] Dog Tricks. Easy, Dog Trick: How to Teach your Dog to Speak or Bark When you Ask. How to Teach Dog Tricks, Speak and Quiet. .::Marley the Disc Dog::. 2K16 ♡. World's HARDEST Dog Tricks. Extreme dog tricks & IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE !!!

by Hello Marley

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