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A Dog that Learned Tricks Wrongs

시바견 곰이탱이여우


Name: Gome (Shiba inu)
Gender: female
Birthday: 2015.07.01
Characteristic: Yellow fur with white feet shibainu. Sharp
Nickname: Jokkomi

Name:Taeng (Black tan Shiba inu)
Gender: male
Birthday: 2015.03.13
Characteristic: Black fur with golden feet Shibainu
Dragon at the heart, strong but coward
Nickname: Guitaengyi

Name: Yeo woo(White Shiba inu)
Gender: (female)
Birthday: 2018.10.04
Characteristic: Whit fur, got some spots on the ear, back, and the tail, It's personality is more like other normal dogs, unlike Shiba
Nickname: fox(북극여우), Whinddo (흰색 돌+I)

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