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10 Abnormally Large And Dangerous Dogs In The World

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10 Abnormally Large And Dangerous Dogs In The World
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Most of the time when we think about dogs and their temperament, we know the majority of them to be loving and friendly. Most dogs are very loyal and protective of their owners, and some of them even help in humans in more ways that leading the blind. However, there are some dogs, that if not trained properly, that are very dangerous, and could even attack their owners. Today we will take a look at 10 most dangerous dogs. But before we get started, make sure you click the subscribe button and turn on notifications so you’ll be the first to know when we release a new video! Let’s get started.

Pit Bull - Pit Bulls are strong, energetic, agile and powerful dogs. The Pit Bull was bred by crossing bulldogs and terrier dogs for the purpose of herding livestock. As time progressed, they were illegally used for bloody sports and dogfighting.

American Bulldog - The muscular American Bulldog possesses great strength, tenacity, determination, and confidence. With roots in the violent sport of bullbaiting, the American Bulldog was later developed as a farm dog and hunter's assistant, herding and protecting livestock and hunting everything from squirrels to bear. This breed of dog is fearlessly determined and will attack predators or any threat toward its owners.

Neapolitan Mastiff - The Neapolitan Mastiff breed is a family animal and guard dog that was developed in southern Italy. Today this massive breed is known as a gentle giant. With its massive size made even more imposing by its abundant loose skin

Boxer - Boxers are hunting dogs and they have been used as attack and guard dogs ever since being bred. Initially, they were even used in bull baiting sport that involved torturing and killing a bull for entertainment purposes. They have a powerful jaw and a vicious bite which is perfect for protection.

Wolf Dog – A wolfdog is basically a hybrid animal that is the result of cross-breeding a domestic dog and a gray wolf. They are large dogs that usually have more of a wolf appearance.
When it comes to personality, this one is hard to determine. Experts do know that the more of wolfdogs have, the wilder they will be and this represents more problems for the humans that expect to train or even tame them.

Rottweiler – These territorial animals are often used as guard dogs, but they also work as guide dogs and police dogs. Rottweilers were originally dogs bred to drive cattle to market, and because they were so strong they were used to pull work-carts for butchers. A Rottie is known for its broad chest and heavily muscled body.

Boerboel - Originally used as a farm dog, today boerboels are used as guard dogs in this day given that they are one of the most powerful breeds. Boerboels have strong watchdog and guard dog instincts and are fearless and extremely protective of their people. They can be dangerously aggressive when threatened or provoked.

Dogo Argentino - The Dogo Argentino is a big-game hunter and guardian breed from Argentina.
This fighting dog is mixed with breeds such as the Great Dane and the Irish wolfhound. He is big, powerful, intelligent, energetic, and headstrong. This white, short-coated dog with a smooth, muscular body is displaying both power and athletic ability.

Fila Brasileiro – The Fila Brasileiro is a mastiff breed from Brazil. Known for their tracking ability and aggressiveness, this breed was used to hunt jaguar and wild boar. He guarded against thieves, helped wrangle cattle and hunted down escapees during slavery times.

Perro De Presa Canario - The Presa Canario is a moderately large, powerfully built dog with a harsh-textured, flat coat. These dogs served many purposes over time guarding farms, helping catch and hold cattle, and exterminating wild or stray dogs.

11. Dobermann – Also called the Doberman Pinscher in the USA, this dog has a fearsome appearance that means business. The was actually bred as a guard dog around 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann in Germany. This dog is very sensitive and has incredible eyesight and hearing.

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