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10 Curious Things That Have a Logical Explanation


There are around 5.5 billion Google searches done per day. In 2012, this number was 2 times lower. People are constantly learning new things and are working on making their outlook broader. But sometimes, even the most ordinary questions can confuse us: for example, why is low-quality journalism called “yellow” and how did Professor Dumbledore manage to do magic without his wand? Why do tears taste salty? Why do we get good ideas in the shower?

Humans can take a lot of things at face value, but we are also wired to discover the meaning behind things. Even the most random and ordinary questions can have truly intriguing answers! We at Bright Side decided to find answers to questions like this. As it turns out, even the strangest things can be explained.

Why do we get “butterflies” in our stomach? 0:52
How can a pregnant woman conceive again during pregnancy? 2:04
Why do we sometimes get amazing ideas in the shower? 3:13
Why are tears salty? 4:36
Why is autocorrect called T9? 5:29
Why do wizards need a wand to do magic? 6:10
Why is low-quality journalism called “yellow”? 6:52
Why do old photos show people with their hands on each other’s shoulders? 7:59
Why do iPhone pictures show the time 9:41? 8:39
Why are there no toilet plungers in many American homes? 9:14

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- When your body feels stress, whether it’s positive or negative, the limbic brain activates the vagus nerve, which runs from your brain to your gut. It’s because of this direct link that you feel the “butterflies” in your stomach.
- It’s supposed to be something that doesn’t happen, but getting pregnant while already pregnant can happen. This can happen if there’s not one but 2 eggs in the female body. The first is fertilized during sex; the second is fertilized at a later date.
- When you’re showering, you are going through a monotonous task. According to R. Keith Sawyer, a Washington University psychologist, taking your mind off the problem might be just what you need to find a solution.
- Tears are made of water and salt because your body is made up of about 60% water. 0.4% of your body is salt. The amount of salt in your tears depends on the state of your body and the reason why you’re crying.
- The name T9 meant “Text on 9 keys” because for many non-smartphones, 9 keys were all you could work with.
- The great wizards in the world of Harry Potter, such as Albus Dumbledore, could sometimes do magic without their wands because they can handle a more sophisticated approach.
- In 1895, American artist Richard Outcault posted a series of frivolous pictures in The World. Among them was a picture of a child wearing a yellow shirt that said funny things. American readers loved the pictures, and the boy was called “The Yellow Kid.”
- Unlike today, it took between several minutes and an hour. People had to remain absolutely still during this time to make sure the photo would look good.
- On Tuesday, January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs was on the stage of the Macworld Conference & Expo talking about the new technologies of the future. He said that he’d been looking forward to that day, and at 9:41, he presented the iPhone.
- Inside US bathrooms, it may be hard to find toilet plungers. The drain system is way more powerful in the US than in many other countries. They use washdown toilets, which use a good amount of water. So whatever goes into the toilet gets flushed down the drain with the water.

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