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10 Flight Attendant Secrets You Don’t Know About


A plane in the eyes of flight attendants and a plane in the eyes of passengers are two completely different worlds. We often have no idea about some secrets that the crew is hiding.
Here are ten tips from flight attendants on how to get the maximum comfort in a plane. Pay attention to fact number 10: doing this, you actually insult air hostesses!

You’re allowed to ask for more food 0:33
Check the presence of a life vest before taking off 1:00
If you accidentally smoked, use the ashtrays 1:37
Don’t be squeamish during the flight 2:04
The lavatory door can be opened from the outside 2:38
Be the last person to board 3:02
Avoid too much alcohol 3:29
Avoid the bulkhead seats 3:51
Drink only bottled water 4:13
Don’t applaud at the end of flight 4:48

- All excess containers with food are immediately discarded after the flight. Therefore, if your stomach demands more, don’t be ashamed to ask a flight attendant for another serving.
- For safety reasons, always check your seat before the flight to make sure the life vest is there and not stolen by some sentimental kleptomaniac.
- If you suddenly find yourself in the lavatory with a cigarette in your hand, at least use the ashtray. And then pay the fine.
- Blankets and pillows aren’t washed, just refolded. Food trays aren’t washed. The seat trays are wiped, the carpets are cleaned, but you cannot be sure there wasn’t a passenger in your seat who suddenly felt sick.
- Many aircraft have the door lock mechanism itself installed under the "No Smoking" sign on the toilet door. If you raise the flap with the cigarette image and turn the bolt, the door will open.
- If you and your fellow traveler checked in at a different time, there’s a solution: just board last. When all the passengers take their seats, you can immediately see which seats are free. 
- Flight attendants warn that one glass in the sky is equal to two on the ground. And it's true since altitude affects blood in such a way that alcohol during a flight affects you much more than on the ground.
- If there are passengers with babies onboard, they’ll most likely take the bulkhead seats. This happens because it’s easier and safer to place a baby carrier there. 
- It’s better to drink only bottled liquid onboard. You should avoid tea, coffee, and water from the sink.
- The flight is not a roulette game; this is their job. People who travel a lot know this and don't clap as much.

Do you know other tips for the best flight? Share them in the comments below!

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