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10 Most Powerful Guard Dogs

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From the most feared dogs to the strongest & sweetest family dogs that will protect your family these dog breeds are the best
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10 Schnauzer
9 German Shepherds
8 Boxers
7 Kuvasz
6 Dogo Argentino
5 Pitbull
4 Bulldogs
Introducing Their Majesty the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs! Well, they’re better known as just Bulldogs, and we bet they don’t like it. The streak of “royalty” which makes them so popular is the fact they’re among the “pureblood” breeds, meaning less mixed with other sorts of dogs. That’s also the reason for their trademark noisy, snorty breathing – generations of inbreeding resulted in the loose, drooping upper lips and short snout (especially in the flat-faced variant). They’re categorized as medium-sized, but their incredibly strong build more than makes up for their shortness. These dogs are fighters, alert, outgoing and self-confident. They’re also notably quick learners, responsible and remarkably loyal. They love spending lots of time with their family, but the downside to that high affection is that they have been known to become aggressive if they aren’t given proper attention and prudent, responsible training. That’s also where their notorious reputation stems from. However, well-tended Bulldogs are considerate and kind-hearted dogs who give their all for their owners and family.

3 Rottweilers
Taking it further with tricky breeds, enter the Rottweilers. This is another type of dog that was bred to be a herder, but rather than strolling along with a group of sheep, they were tasked with driving large cattle over greater distances. As a consequence, nowadays they are very eager to assist in any way, quick learners and move surprisingly quickly for dogs their size. However, their self-confidence translates into a remarkably stubborn pet, making training and socialization difficult. A Rottweiler will be mistrustful of and even aggressive to new people until the human is properly introduced to them. This is known to sometimes lead to nasty conflicts, as a Rottweiler won’t shy away from putting a pestering human child in its place with a smack of the paw or a scary bark. Due to their headstrong characters, they can be overly protective of their families and are always behaving like somewhat of a lovable bully. However, if rigorous exercise, intense training and proper socialization are introduced early on, a Rottweiler dog becomes one of the most loving, loyal and responsible family guardian dogs you could hope for.

2 Doberman Pinscher
Although family safety is important, some breeds are just better suited for individual guardian duty, and that’s exactly the case with the Doberman Pinscher. With their compact muscles and dignified posture, these guys are the aristocrats among guard dogs. Pinschers are very sensitive by nature, which makes them highly responsive to training, but intensely reserved with strangers or people they don’t feel close to. They’re one of the five smartest breeds, alert, fearless, and very loyal. However, their high energy level means Pinschers make a mess in a placid and uneventful home environment. They are best suited for competitive canine sports, military and police work, or as companions on intense hikes etc. Once they bond with their owners, they are sweet and obedient, which makes them very popular personal guard dogs (not to mention most of the neighborhood will be scared out of their hats).

1 Mastiff
Among all the dog breeds that were assigned a scary reputation, the Bullmastiff (more commonly known as simply “the Mastiff”) is probably the least scary in real life. Although these dogs are fairly large and have a “don’t mess with me” expression on their snouts by default, they are surprisingly kind in a family-centered atmosphere, incredibly gentle with children and very versatile by nature. Though they may not look it, Mastiffs are very agile dogs. Combine that with their strong build, intelligence and delightful temperament, and here’s a breed that finds its place as a home guardian, family protector, carting service dog, effective tracker and therapy assistant. The one trick with them is variability – Mastiffs are active and imaginative dogs; therefore they need regular and consistent guidance in learning their commands, and the training must be innovative. If a Bullmastiff is exposed to a monotonous training routine, it will grow bored, inattentive and ultimately disobedient.

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