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10 PETS BANNED In The U. S. 🚫

Trend Max

You are an animal lover and so do I. You love seeing animals, petting them, playing with them and showing them on social media! But many of these adorable creatures are illegal to keep as pets in different states of the U.S. Let’s find out which ones in this video!


This wonderful and majestic predatory bird has such beautiful plumage and big eyes that I'm seriously considering the possibility of taking it home.

Your first cousins! They are so cute and look like hairy babies. However, after the first years of life, they may be aggressive with their owners, getting a relation that can be even mortal for their “masters”.

It has a certain similarity to the guinea pigs and rabbits, but … not exactly. This unusual and sympathetic buddy has beaver-like teeth that don’t stop growing, so the capybara is an eat-up-all!

Are you used to have dogs and cats? I bet one of your hipster friends has a hedgehog, don’t they? Well, it is common to find one on the internet. Cute, small and spiny, all together in this lovely hedgehog.

American Pitbull and Dogo Argentino.
These doggies are very strong and have something unique that attracts their owners and fans. As they are strong and have a bad temper sometimes, they have been labeled as potentially dangerous dogs...

Long, furry and unique, this little fellow is an excellent friend and easy to tame. However, it is illegal to own in some places, such as cities of New York, Washington DC, Dallas and Columbia.

This is a crossbreeding of a German shepherd, malamute or Siberian husky and a grey wolf. So this gives the wolfdog a wilder appearance and unpredictable characteristics compared to the other gentle doggies.

These little masked bandits are so common that I’m sure you have seen one either in the street or taking over your garden. They are naughty! It’s hard to have a raccoon as a pet due to its special diet and specific care since it is a wild animal.

Famous, with no legs and attractive for some people. The snake’s look is a mix between terrifying and fascinating, with scaly skin, long tongue, and slithered-movements that scares many.

You see it and think: it looks friendly and harmless. Taming a skunk is normal since colonial times. It seems that this adorable pet loves having your attention and affection. But … everything is not all roses.

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