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10 Secrets You Didn't Know About Robert Downey Jr.'s Personal Life

Screen Rant

You may know him best as Iron Man, but did you know all these other facts about Robert Downey Jr.'s life off camera? Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the world's most beloved actors. He's had his problems, no doubt but that's not what this video's going to be about. He's overcome his demons to be one of the most successful stars in Hollywood today, starring as the flagship character Tony Stark AKA Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe comic book movie franchise.
In this video, we'll take you through ten secrets about his personal life that you probably don't already know.

Those secrets are; that his net worth could be anything up to $400 million, that he loves animals (especially dogs and cats and he even adopted two abandoned kittens), that he has an amazing car collection, that he's a master of disguise who dons prosthetics to avoid being recognised in public, that his close friends include the likes of Mel Gibson and Matt Damon (who he often doubledates with), that he doesn't like 2008's The Dark Knight at all, that he's very antiDonald Trump and even starred in a video to put people off voting for him, that he idolises his famous namesake father, that he's a philanthropist (just like Tony Stark) who loves helping people, and that he once carried out some real life heroics when an elderly lady badly cut herself.

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His net worth
He loves animals
His car collection
He's a master of disguise
He's great friends with some huge stars
He didn't like The Dark Knight
He's very antiTrump
He idolises his father
He loves helping people
He's a real life hero

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