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10 SMALLEST Dog Breeds In The World!


Tiniest dogs on earth! From Poodles to Yorkshire Terriers these super small toy dogs will put a smile your face

#10. “Affenpinscher” With an average weight of 8 pounds and standing on average at around 10 inches tall, the Affenpinscher originally hails from Germany. These curious and active terriers are nicknamed MonkeyDogs because of their stubby muzzles and dark eyes that give them apelike facial expressions. In fact, the name roughly translates from German as Apeterrier. The dogs have long, dark, thick coats usually grey or black in color. Affenpinschers are known as one of the world’s first toy breeds and first appeared sometime between the 15th and 17th centuries. They were bred in order to hunt and control rat and other household pest populations, but by the end of the 19th century transitioned to more of a luxury dog, beloved by celebrities of the time. Affenpinschers are for the most part loving and quiet but can also be defensive when it comes to their toys or food. They also are known to be stubborn at times, but mainly they are playful and adventurous. Today, the majority of Affenpinschers are found in the United States after American troops in Germany became infatuated with them during World War II. Their average lifespan is 12 years and they typically have very small litters of between 2 and 5 puppies which are born blind.
#9. “Papillon” Weighing an average of 8 pounds and growing to an average of 9 inches tall, Papillons have a history that goes back almost 7 centuries. Their name comes from the French word for butterfly and with one glance you can see whyThey have large furry ears that look just like that of a butterfly’s wings! Not much is known about the origin of Papillons or what they were bred for, but in the Renaissance Period they were one of the most highly sought after dog breeds by the aristocracies of Italy, Spain and France and are considered one of the oldest breeds of dog. They are known as intelligent, friendly dogs who can seem hard to train due to their boundless energy but actually catch on very quick and have fantastic memories. Papillons like to maintain their alpha status no matter the size of their master and can be quite territorial. They are also high energy and have a propensity towards being yippy. Papillons can live up to 16 years and have litters of about 3 pups.
#8. “Toy Poodle” Toy Poodles have an average weight of 7.5 pounds and can grow up to 10 inches tall. The Poodle breed is thought to have originated out of various Asian herding dogs and experts cite many ancient breeds as their possible ancestors. The name Poodle comes from a shortening of their original German name, pudelhund, which means water hound. This is due to their initial breeding for the hunting of waterfowl. Because of this prowess they are also called “chien cannard” by the French, which translates to “duckdog”. Poodles have extremely difficult hair to deal with that requires a significant amount of grooming, if not taken care of a poodle’s hair can bunch and become a tangled mess. When their hair is properly kempt it can be fashioned in many different chic styles, this is one of the main reasons that poodles became an extremely popular showdog near the end of the 1800s. Poodles are also known for being very intelligent, with the ability to learn allsorts of tricks and useful tasks such as being a guide or guard dog. The combination of style and practicality is what led them being obsessed over by the women of France’s upper class and eventually picked as the national dog of the country. Toy Poodles usually live for 12 to 14 years a#7. Toy Fox Terrier The American bred Toy Fox Terrier weighs an average of 7 pounds and stand an average of 9 inches tall. Toy Fox Terriers are the Toy version of the Smooth Fox Terrier and were bred in order to control pests and small scavengers on farms. In order to achieve a small dog with the traits of the Smooth Fox Terrier they bred them with Manchester Terriers and Chihuahuas. They are a fairly newer breed as the United Kennel club first registered one in 1936. Like many of the dogs on this list the Toy Fox Terrier has a tendency towards SmallDog Complex which is similar to that of a Napoleon Complex in humans. The Small DogComplex is seen when smaller dogs become territorial and act as confrontation instigators even with dogs much larger. Despite this, the Toy Fox Terrier is considered a fairly easy dog to train. They are extremely energetic and with their thin coat enjoy snuggling up on your lap. Toy Fox Terriers live an average of 13 years and have an average litter of 3 puppies

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