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10 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained


Here are 10 strange dog behaviors explained

Dogs are lovable, loyal companions, but it’s hard to deny that they do some pretty weird stuff from time to time.

Here are 10 strange dog behaviors explained.

Number 10. Facing the same direction every time they poop. Whether you’ve noticed it or not, dogs tend to defecate on a north - south axis. Exactly why is unclear, but it’s related to the Earth’s magnetic field.

Number 9. Peeing with one leg hiked up. Urine marks territory, and dogs can appear taller and more dominant if they make a vertical line. Some dogs take this pretty far, even performing handstands to ensure maximum coverage.

Number 8. Kicking the grass. Some are being polite and covering up the spot they soiled. Others are releasing pheromones for property claiming purposes.

Number 7. Sleeping on their backs. Much like people, dogs want to be comfortable when they sleep and sometimes that means snoozing belly up. Be flattered. The posture is a testament to how much they trust you as it’s a sign of feeling secure.

Number 6. Sticking their heads out of car windows. There’s really no hard, scientific evidence on the matter, so opinions are split. Some say dogs are trying to get the best view and others believe they just want to get a good whiff of the outdoors.

Number 5. Smelling each other’s behinds. Dogs can communicate with one another through chemicals. Many of the compounds that contain valuable information just so happened to be excreted in the posterior region.

Number 4. Circling before lying down. It’s a prehistoric behavior that just never went away. Once upon a time dogs had to make their own beds by packing down whatever grass or brush was in the way.

Number 3. Tail chasing. Sorry to break the news this way, but it’s a sign your pet may be suffering from OCD. Well, actually CCD. The dog version is called Canine Compulsive Disorder.

Number 2. Head tilting. For the most part it comes down to two possibilities: either they’re trying to hear and understand you, or they’re playing you because they know you think it’s cute and you’ll give them extra attention or treats.

Number 1. Chomping on grass. One simple explanation is that they want to. Another motivation could be that it helps clear out their gastrointestinal system – sort of like a eating a salad.

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