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10 Strongest Kids in the Worlds that Took it too Far

A workout routine can make a significant change in our lifestyle. It can help us improve our health and it can definitely help us improve our bodies. Sometimes, when we’re really committed, we can see significant results such as muscle growth and of course...impressive strength. But sometimes people go the extra mile and end up turning their bodies into unimaginable muscle machines. And sometimes, the ones getting this far are very young! But, is it healthy for young people to get this strong so soon? And what if they’re just kids? Can their bodies handle all the pressure that comes with the extreme workouts that lead to muscle and strength improvement? Today we’ll be looking at “10 Strongest Kids in the World that took it too Far.” We’ll learn a bit more about their routines and the process that took them to be the people who they are today. It’d be very unfortunate to get in a fight with any of these kids, especially the one at the top of the list, who I’m sure is stronger than most of the adults I’ve ever met in my life.

Let’s begin!

Richard Sandrak

Richard is not a kid anymore, but when he was, he was one of the strongest ones ever. At the age of five, his family moved from Ukraine to Hollywood, with the hopes of turning the kid into a star. And sure enough, Richard captivated audiences, including trainer Frank Giardina, who could not believe the strength and abilities of this young boy. Soon enough, Richard started to appear on TV and did all sorts of interviews that highlighted how strong he was; he was a young bodybuilder. When asked about his routines he said that his dad was the one who got him into this. As a young boy, Richard was never allowed to eat junk food and he would have to do intense training exercises every time he did something wrong and that’s on top of the 600 pushups and 300 sit ups that he had to do everyday. His Hollywood breakthrough finally happened when he starred in the film Little Hercules, which by the way is also the nickname that the media gave him. Today, Richard is a grown adult and he’s not as big as he was back then, but one thing is for sure he was one of the strongest kids in recent history.

Arat Hosseini

When Arat was first discovered, people thought he was a little girl playing football with boys. And I’m sure there are many skilled girls out there, but it was revealed that the person in the video was five year old Arat from Iran. The video became popular because of the way Arat went around his opponents with ease, in the same way a professional football player would do. As people began to look into his life, they came to learn that Arat had been training since he was three. That was thanks to his father, who became quite controversial for the rigorous training that he designed for his son. Sometimes the boy would even cry, but all the effort and the tears started to pay off as soon as people all over the world saw Arat play. They expect this young boy to be the next Messi or Ronaldo. The kid even has a six pack! All I hope is that he grows happy and becomes the person he wants to be.

Andrey Kostash

Different kids on this list have gained recognition for different skills. When it comes to Andrey Kostash, his fame came after he broke a world record by doing 4,000 pushups in just two hours! I can barely do 20 before I pass out. And even though 4,000 pushups is already a big deal, this is not challenging enough for Andrey. For that reason, he decided to give 6,000 a try! However, this shouldn’t impress you as the kid has been training since he was only five years old. Today, Andrey is still a teenager. He’s succeeded as an athlete, a national champion in Ukraine and he even does some acting. If he keeps up with his routines and ambitious personality, I’m sure he’ll break more records in the future.

Cj Senter

When is a good time to start working on a six pack? I guess it’s a bit hard to address this question, but when it comes to CJ Senter, his obsession for sports and workouts began at the early age of five years old. He was just training for an amateur football tournament when suddenly, his passion for working out was born and began to develop. At the age of ten he was already a workout instructor with a six pack. He even made a DVD series with instructional videos to make workout more fun for kids.

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