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10 Things Only Shih Poo Dog Owners Understand | Poodle Mixes World

Poodle Mixes World

Hi fellow dog lover! My dog Billie had so many behavior problems… she was jumping, peeing inappropriately, overly aggressive, pulling on the leash… she was just crazy… Then I found this one solution that stopped all the problems! The sad fact was…The training I first tried with my dog was a complete fai...lure. I went through the average cookiecutter training programs. These programs used outdated and ‘mean’ dominance techniques. It turns out those programs had no qualifications and were developed by complete phonies. So this is what I did to stop my dog’s behavior problems... In a few simple words… I discovered my dog’s hidden intelligence!

Let me explain… In my years as a dog owner…this is the one big lesson I have learned. More intelligent dogs are better behaved. A more intelligent dog takes commands easier…and understands what you need from them. What I found out was… No matter how clever I thought my dog was. I could still unlock my dog’s hidden intelligence quickly and easily! Don’t waste a second longer putting up with your dog's behavior problem! I’ll explain everything you need to know in the link!

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10 Things Only Shih Poo Dog Owners Understand | Poodle Mixes World

There is no denying that Shih Tzus are one of the indemand dogs of this generation. Wherever you go, people want to have one because of their intelligence and adorable appearance. However, one of the issues that Shih Tzu owners face is their shedding tendency which could make a mess at home, especially on your couch, beds, and clothes. This is why breeders decided and to create a hybrid using a Shih Tzu and a Poodle. This way, their shedding tendency can be controlled.

Many people think that having a Shih Poo is the same as having a Shih Tzu or a Poodle. But there can be differences, according to Shih Poo owners. These dogs are very unique once you get to know them. So, before you get one, you need to understand some facts about these dogs that only Shih Poo owners know. This way, you will know what to expect so you can prepare and become better fur parents. Are you ready to know what these facts are?

Surely, you'll love our daily content about Poodle mixes and how to take care of them. Today, let's look at ten facts only Shih Poo Owners know and understand. Can these help you care for your dog? Let’s find out!

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