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15 Dog Breeds That Don’t Smell

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You love dogs and often think about buying one, but their smell and the shedding are just too off-putting and you just can’t imagine how your new family member would fit in in your clean apartment? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one!
We often get questions like: Are there any dog breeds that don’t smell?
Well, if you’re living in an apartment, you’re probably looking for a dog that doesn’t smell or shed. Is there such a thing? Fortunately, there are odorless breeds that are just the thing you are looking for! Read more and discover 15 breeds that don’t smell!

1 - Poodles
2 - Schnauzers
3 - Whippet
4 - Basenji
5 - Dachshund
6 - Labradoodle
7 - Lagotto Romagnolo
8 - Bichon Frise
9 - Bearded Collie
10 - Kerry Blue Terrier
11 - Havanese
12 - Shih Tzu
13 - Maltese
14 - Yorkshire Terrier
15 - West Highland White Terrier

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