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7-Second Riddles

Enjoy a greats et of hard riddles with simple answers! These tricky riddles for kids are easily cracked by teens, but adults always fail to do so! Studies have shown that solving riddles and brainteasers is one of the best brain workout out there which helps your boost your brain and IQ level:

00:14 - Listen to what the suspects are saying and catch that traitor before it's too late! You don't need much information actually from the suspects, just one tiny detail will lead you to cracking this logic puzzle!
01:49 - Easy riddle to test your logic (insanely easy!) ๐Ÿ˜… You'll probably laugh out loud when you see the answer! Normally, 6/10 solve this easy riddle on their own, will you? Just relax, and let your mind wander around the story and you'll be able to solve this logic puzzle, don't put too much thought into this, just RELAX your mind!
03:01 - This mystery riddle will test how well you can process the information. This easy riddle can be only cracked if your mind is turned on! The crime riddle offers all the details and evidence, but so many people fail to solve this mystery riddle. Will you?
04:26 - Well, Sherlock, put your hat on! An inhuman crime took place in a respectable house. You will need all your logic and observation skills to crack this tough crime riddle and find out who killed the poor boy. They all have perfect alibis, but we know that one of them did it. And you, my friend, can you solve this riddle with answer before the detective arrives at the crime scene?
06:03 - Kids are the best at asking fun questions, aren't they?๐Ÿ˜ƒThese mind-blowing riddles and confusing questions will make you go insane first, but if you take a deep breath and remember your school years, you will see that in fact they're just so simple! Take our fun quiz to test how much you remember from your school time and if you can explain these simple things to a little "why" guy!
07:50 - My dear Sherlock, this murder puzzle with a cipher is a task for your genius mind! Can you find the murderer of poor Kylie using the message she left? This is a good riddle with answer that would be a nice stretch for your brain.
09:20 - Well, this romantic and funny riddle isn't so easy as it seems at first glance. He... She... Sweet juicy fruit... But they won't be together if you can't solve the problem. Let's see if you're a quick thinker! Find the way to bring that sweet apple to her while she's still waiting for you on the other side! Be quick, she might leave soon! A good riddle with answer to test your logic and see how creative you are. A bit of romance into your daily routine๐Ÿ’ž
10:31 - Bets you'll always win! These cool bets will test your logic and will give you a lot of inspiration for your next hangout with friends ๐Ÿ˜‚ Only those with perfect logic will crack these logic riddles!
11:47 - A difficult logic puzzle to challenge the most brilliant minds! Will you be able to tell me which of the kids is adopted? how did you know? Share your result in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last tricky riddle.

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