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20 Things that Only German Shepherd Owners Would Understand

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20 Problems Only German Shepherd Owners Will Understand

If you’re in the market for a gorgeous and amazingly intelligent dog, look no further than the beautiful German Shepherd. This beautiful animal is so gorgeous that it almost makes you feel a bit inferior. Additionally, this is a dog so smart it can sometimes make you feel a bit dim in comparison. It’s a beautiful dog, and it’s a great pet as those who own one will tell you. In fact, those who do own a German Shepherd are very well-versed in a few things that owners of other dogs – or people without dogs – just won’t get.

1 - We have a Constant Companion
2 - They’re Homeowners and We are Guests
3 - What’s a Lazy Day?
4 - We have the Best Vacuums
5 - We Always have Someone to Talk To
6 - Does it Look like the Dog is Agreeing?
7 - Nose Art
8 - They’re Healthier than Us
9 - Chewing Shoes is Not a Problem
10 - The Couch is a Chew Toy
11 - Other People think Their Dogs are Smart
12 - People will Never Bother German Shepherd Owners
13 - If the Dog Doesn’t Like You, You’re Out
14 - Furniture that’s not the Same Color as the Dog
15 - Is the Dog Smarter?
16 - They’re Great Judges of Character
17 - They’re Great with Kids
18 - They’re Problem Solvers
19 - They’re Hoarders
20 - There is No Better Friend

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