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22 Tiniest Dog Breeds in The World!


Before we even begin our video today, we’re giving you a huge heads up that you’re going to want to get in your car and go and get a tiny dog for yourself. So, don’t say we didn’t warn you, because this video will be crammed with all sorts of cuteness, sweetness, adorability… is that even a word? And much more! Enjoy our list of tiniest dog breeds in the word!

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18 The Boston Terrier…
Many people have the misconception that Boston terriers are the same breed as the French Bulldog, as they do look rather alike, however they are entirely different breeds. Boston Terriers are also small with wellmuscled bodies and short hair. These sweet pups are super friendly, so it’s advised to train your little one to not go off with a stranger. Unfortunately, due to their size, cuteness and cost, they do tend to get stolen rather often.

17 Brussels griffon…
This is definitely a name that not too many people are familiar with, and it’s a rather uncommon breed from…. You guessed it, Brussels in Belgium. This pooch is longlegged, shortfaced and was kept in stables to hunt vermin. They’re between 7 and 8inches tall and can weig anything from 7 to 12pounds. They come with a rough or a smooth coat. Usually they stick to one human and are not that fond of children. On the other hand, they do bond really well with other animals. They’re smart, sensitive ad love a good snuggle.

16 Japanese Chin…
Another dog bred for royalty, this is the Japanese Chin, and their best attribute? They’re great for parking off in your lap and staying put. They weigh roughly 79pounds, are intelligent and said to have a temperament similar to a cat… they clearly haven’t met my cat then! This is the perfect companion, especially for the elderly.

15 The Maltese…
The Maltese have been around for “furever” and are considered the world’s oldest dog breed! A rather more peculiar history than most dogs, this one was thought to have been discovered by the Phoenicians around 1500 BC on the Island of Malta… yep, hence the name. These days you can be sure that this breed of pup is going to be lovable, playful and at times, a little cheeky!

14 The Bichon Frise…
Our next tiny entry is the Bichon Frise which comes from Spain. The name bichon frise means curly lap dog, and that’s what this sweet pup is. They’re known to be friendly, cheerful, playful and pretty smart and have a coat of dense, curly white hair. They look like a fluffier version of our previous entry. I would just want to cuddle this one and never let go. These canines are great with children and are very easy to train.

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