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#26 Shetland Sheepdog -Sheltie- ❤️ TOP100 Cute Dog Breeds Video

Dogs 101 ❤️ I want a dog!

This channel introduces 100 popular dog breeds.
Check out the cute videos of puppies and their personalities, breeds, longevity, and ease of keeping.
In the latter half of these videos, there is also the opinion of the owner, so please watch it till the end!

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Watch from 1st to 100th most popular.

38th place AKITA INU| Hachikō
40th place Doberman
41st Rottweiler
42nd Weimaraner
43rd German Shepherd
44th place Borzoi
50th place Samoyed
66th place Collie
Other breeds'>

● About this channel.
This is a channel for dog lovers.
This is an introduction video of dog breeds that are popular all over the world.
Introducing useful information such as how to keep a dog, the owner's opinion, and knowledge.

● This video is recommended for people like this!
People who want to have a dog as a family.
Those who want to deepen their knowledge of dogs.
People who want to be healed with cute videos.

・ The order of popularity of dogs is in Japan.
・ The standard for dog breeds refers to JKC (Japan Kennel Club).

The materials used in this channel and videos are licensed under licensed royaltyfree materials or Creative Commons License (Attribution 4.0 International).
Credit notation and data reference source are described in each video.
● Sound source used
Artlist / Storyblocks / OtoLogic / Sound effect lab / Kurage Kobo
● Materials used
dreamstime / Storyblocks / Canva / Illustration AC / PhotoAC

・ソロワンズ 広島オンジーハウス編 泊日2017 / ワンズ お風呂 ボルゾイ・ラフコリー・シェルティ ヴィスナー・ラッシー・ココ2018
by ちちりーず ふぁくとりー
・Tracy Shetland Sheepdog2016 by Pavel Král
・[싹튜브] SAC 서종예 애완동물계열의 견공식구를 소개합니다! 5탄 셔틀랜드쉽독 "싹이" 서종예 서울종합예술실용학교2017 by 서울종합예술실용학교 공식 영상채널 싹튜브
・Hazel & Chester Sheltie2013 by ErnieBarober
・Sterling with a toy hung from the ceiling2014 / Sterling learns steps amongst much apprehension2014 / Sterling gets frustrated at a Kong Wobbler2014 by greg dawson
・Marshland Shelties Puppies 0512132013 by marshlandshelties
・ODH Girly lovin' every day! Beautiful 13yr old Sheltie having a snow day!2012 by sheltiebrat
・Border collie, Sheltie, Chihuahua 40 cool tricks2015 by Ludicanis
・Ein Sheltie Welpe schwimmt2012 / Spaziergang mit unseren Shelties2012 / 29.05.2012: Ein ganz normaler Spaziergang mit unseren Shelties HD2012 by Sheltiepix
・Hündchen: Sekundenschlaf im Auto(2012) by chrissinewman
・A Dog's Purpose | SophieMariaxx2017 by SophieMariaxx
・A 7yearold Sheltie has bad breath by Kong Yuen Sing
・Shelties am Rhein bei Meerbusch2015 by Thomas Nachtigal
・Pastor de Shetland Por dentro da raça2020 by Luís Zuccolo
・플라잉펫 호텔에서 지내고 있는 강아지들(Perth Ahn) by Perth Ahn
・[Vlog] Kabi&MORI #1(2020)/[Vlog] 카비를 만나보세요! / Meet Kabi!(2019)/[Vlog] KABI&MORI #4 (생고기주의 )(2020)/[Vlog] KABI&MORI #2(2020) by A4

* This video uses only the video with the CC license display (reusable).
If you own the video you are using and do not remember licensing it, or if you find it inconvenient to use, please contact us via the email below.
After confirming it, we will delete it promptly.
[email protected]

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