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35 Corgis To Get You Through Your Day


Little stubby legs all day erry day!

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Sunny Side
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

All videos submitted by fans, Used with Permission

“Tibby Hates Socks” by Tibby the Corgi
Instagram and Facebook: @tibbythecorgi

“Stair Stumper” by Matthew Makowski

“Guinea Pig Kisses” from Confessions of a Corgi, by Nia

“Mirror licking” by Moethecorgi'>

“Bubbles Spinning” by Lilly Quan

“LepreCorgi” by Tori Little

“First Holiday & Biscuit” with Marcel Le Corgi
Instagram: @Marcel.LeCorgi

“Indecisive Pup” by Michaela Mauriello

“Corgis like frosting too” by Brit and Tuck

Banjo the Corgi videos by Jillian Altmeyer

“Tail hunting” by Moethecorgi'>

“Humans eating the chips and I'm just laying here like…” by Perian and Chester
Instagram: @kimchithecorgi

“Corgi Beetle” by Shayna Montgomery

“Moka the Corgi” by Lilia Thai & Jordan Truong
Instagram: @mokathecorgi

“Corgi scratch” by Pete Romano

“Moosey The Corgi” by @Mooseythecorgi

“Minnie the Corgi” by Adrian Bennett

“Wally catching snow slowmo” by @wallythewelshcorgi

“SloMo Atlas” by Michael Morris

“Corgi Vs. Tetherball” by Sarah Bradley

“JLP Frisbee Conqueror” by Heather Wyatt

“Patience is a Virtue” by Matthew Makowski

“Corgi Versus Shovel” by Molly Poracky

“Butters the fluffy corgi” by Becca Flaig
Instagram: @buttersthefluffycorgi

“Wally in the snow” by @wallythewelshcorgi

“Corgi Attacks Raindrops” by @RalphtheCorgi
Instagram: @ralphthecorgi

“Corgi air swimming” by Robyn Ewers

“Born to Swim” by @winstonthewhitecorgi

“Corgi Diver” by Jinhu Wei

“Radish the Corgi” by Alex Feringa

“Daphne” by Jennifer Brickel

“Scooby Playing Dead” by Tori Little

“Daisy” by Jenna D

“Boots the Gentlecorgi” by Trina B

“Sleepy Corg” by Heather Wyatt

Special thanks to all our Facebook fans who submitted videos!


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