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4 SIMPLE Exercises That You Can Do To STOP Puppy Biting

McCann Dog Training

Puppy biting is a common challenge for a lot of new puppy owners. Often, a puppy won't bite one member of a family, but the other family members continue to have their puppy bite them! In this video, we'll show you some really simple exercises to stop puppy biting. Being a clear, consistent and fair leader for your puppy is an important step in having a well behaved dog. After watching this video, you'll have learned how to be a great leader for your puppy and your puppy will start to understand that you aren't a chew toy, and you're certainly not a littermate. The 4 puppy leadership exercises you're about to watch are simple to do, and require just a few minutes for each exercise. With a regular routine of training, and lots of consistency, you will be able to play with your puppy without having to set out the bandages beforehand.

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