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5-Minute Crafts MEN

40 brilliant lifehacks for repair!

Looking for ideas and lifehacks for repair, renovation and fixing stuff? In this video you will find more than 40 timeless hacks and cool repair tips, for men and not only.

How to divide your surfaces into equal parts without calculations. How to upgrade your tape measure. How to perfectly measure the holes for drilling on a wall. How to remove the masking tape easier using a hair dryer. How usual soap easies the movement of the screw. How to paint small elements without spraying out the paint all over the room. All these tricks are here for you!

Do you know that you can sharpen knives with a drill? Just cut a strip of sandpaper and attach to the head of the drill. Take a knife, drive a drill. Start sharpen! With the same tool you can polish the table.

Is your garage full of rusty wrenches, screwdrivers and other tools? I'll tell you how to clean them. Just put them in a container and pour vinegar for 24 hours. Get shiny tools!

When you put your tools in order, you can take up nails and screws. I will show you how to make an organizer for them with a piece of foam rubber. They won’t be lost and will be convenient to get at the right time.

To pull a nail out of a wall, without damaging it and not smudging it, stick a usual plaster on the nail puller! To mark equal lengths on the wall, simply attach a pencil to the tape measure. Did you know, a wire stripper can be made from ordinary clothespins and sharpeners? Unscrew the blade from the sharpener and screw it to the clothespin, I'll show you how. The device is ready!

I’ll learn you a lot of such tricks: how to make your wrench to fit any nut with coins, how to upgrade your screws with matches, how to make a mini screwdriver from the clip, how to draw an ideal straight line without a straightedge, how to pull a nail out without damaging the wall, how to use stapler to clean the wires, how to fix a broken thread with a nail polish or a gum, how to make a cool and simple isolation for an extension cord outside, how to use stapler for furniture fixes, how to control your drill to be straight, using a CD and many, many more.


01:48 How to fix a broken thread with a nail polish
03:42 How to upgrade your screwdriver with magnets
07:40 How to perfectly measure the holes for drilling on a wall
08:43 How to control your drill using a CD

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