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6 Ways to Save Your Pet's Life In An Emergency


How to Save Your Pet’s Life. It’s probably one of the most horrifying things you can imagine: your beloved fur baby needs emergency medical assistance right now. Whether it’s from choking, massive bleeding, or any other unimaginable situation, sometimes you need to act fast before you head to the vet. That’s why it’s crucial that all pet owners not only have a kit at home with basic emergency medical supplies but also the knowledge on how to administer first aid on their fluffy friend. This video guide will tell you exactly what to do in different types of emergencies when your pet’s in trouble and every second counts.

In case of poisoning:
How to help a cat 1:07
How to help a dog 2:24
In case of airway obstruction:
How to help a dog 3:11
How to help a cat 3:42
In case of electric shock:
How to help a dog 4:35
How to help a cat 5:50
In case of burns:
How to help a cat 6:14
How to help a dog 7:26
For injuries and sprains:
How to help a dog 7:25
How to help a cat 8:01
In case of bleeding:
How to help a dog 8:38
How to help a cat 9:14


-In case of poisoning, immediately get your cat out to fresh air and try to revive it with a cotton swab dipped in ammonia. If the animal doesn’t respond, administer artificial respiration. However, if the cat has been poisoned by an acidic substance, by no means should you induce vomiting!
-If it’s from vapor poisoning, get your pup out into the fresh air; if it’s from ingesting something toxic (but not acids!), induce vomiting with that same solution of water with baking soda or salt mixed in it.
-In case of airway obstruction, try and make your dog vomit.
-If you find a foreign object in your cat’s throat, try to pull it out using tweezers. If you can’t get the stuck object out with tweezers, lay your cat down on your lap and try to remove the object by pressing it.
-In case of electric shock, start by removing whatever’s plugged in out from the socket. If there’s a pulse, but the dog isn’t breathing, perform artificial respiration immediately. In case there’s no pulse, perform closed-chest cardiac massage.
-If your cat’s gotten into some open wires and has been shocked, start by cutting off all the electric currents in the room. Cool down the burned areas, and then perform CPR.
-In case of a thermal burn involving steam, boiling-hot water, or fire, you can try putting 3 tea bags in a cup of hot water and add tons of ice to cool it down and applying it with a cotton swab.
-Apply a cold compress on the affected area on your dog and then put on a loosely fitting bandage to protect the wound from damage and licking.
-Before you take the dog to the vet, fix the fractured limb to a splint. If your dog has sprained its wrist or ankle, apply a cold compress and take it to the vet.
-Take a piece of cardboard or anything hard and flat like a Popsicle stick and fix your cat’s limb to it with a bandage.
-You can stop minor bleeding by placing some gauze on the cut and putting something cold on top. In case of profuse bleeding, make a tourniquet by wrapping a bandage tightly around the area above the wound.
-If your cat is bleeding, press a cotton swab or gauze on the cut. In case of bleeding from the eyes, use a cotton swab soaked in cold water.

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