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7 Tripod Tricks I ACTUALLY USE for Filmmaking

Camber Film School

Learning these 7 creative tripod tricks for video will help expand your tripod movements to improve your videos. Instead of buying lots of extra gear like gimbals and sliders, these tripod tips and tricks will teach you how to use the best tripod for video in ways to give you similar effects as expensive gear.

Best Filmmaking TRIPODS 2020 Video: https://youtu.be/l4VPVkQnEIY
Best Video TRAVEL Tripods Video: https://youtu.be/DsOxqoPlwdk

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✈Travel TRIPODS Suggestions:
BeFree ALUMINUM (Lever Lock Legs): https://amzn.to/2XP6Pti OR https://bhpho.to/33ImMaa'>https://bhpho.to/33ImMaa
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At first the tripod may seem like a boring filmmaking tool when compared to gimbals, sliders, and other equipment. But learning tripod tricks, tripod tips, and tripod hacks for various forms of tripod movement will help change your perspective. This video tripod tricks tutorial will give you tripod tricks for video that I actually use when filmmaking. These 7 tripod tricks are creative tripod tricks that will help you use the best tripod for video in more cinematic ways. These creative tripod tricks for video that I actually use include rubber bands, gravity, chairs, blankets, and various features on the best tripods dslr video shooting that are good tripod tricks for filmmakers. I hope this list of tripod camera tricks featured in this Camber Motion tutorial will help expand your uses for the best tripod video camera and will help you to make more creative tripod movement in your films without buying extra equipment.

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