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8 Most Loyal and Protective Dog Breeds for Families

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Top 8 Super Protective Dog Breeds

People get dogs for different reasons, but one of the most popular reasons is that they want a family dog. All breeds have different characteristics. So, it’s vital to know some of the common traits of a dog before you decide which breed is the right one for your home. When you’re deciding on a dog, you should also think about your lifestyle. Dog breeds that are loyal and protective can be great for all different types of families. But, you may also want to look for the best guard dog breeds for families with children. Dogs that are relatively around kids can take a lot of stress away.

1 – Great Dane
2 – German Shepherd
3 – Rottweiler
4 – Akita
5 – Boxer
6 – Bullmastiff
7 – Chow Chow
8 – Giant Schnauzer

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