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80 Amazing DogTricks By Riley the Border Collie [400 sub]

Little Riley

I know, I know. Obedience commands don't counts as tricks. But it's easier to call them that way for a video.

Hey everyone. In a few days we just hit 400 subscribers. I can't believe it! We hit 300 a few month ago... Thank you. Really!
So I thought I make a video about most of Riley's tricks, because I start to read a few comments that some of you wondered how many tricks Riley knows. And I start to wondering about it too. So inspired by DessTesss, who made an amazing excel about their tricks, I download it, and start to write down our tricks. (Tess knows way more then Riley, haha :D )
It is not all, I could film more tricks and commands, but I didn't want to be the video 10 minutes long. So I went with my favorites or most interesting ones.
Hope you guys likes it!


by Little Riley

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