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A full groom on a Moodle

Melanie Newman Salon Essentials

This is an indepth grooming tutorial on grooming a Moodle from the beginning to the end. Learn how to examine your dogs coat before the groom as well as bathing, drying, clipping, using snap on attachment combs, curved scissors, Blenders and using thinners to soften harsh scissor lines on the head.

**Skill Level**
Beginner to Intermediate

** Time Stamps**
00:00 Introduction
01:01 Assessing your dog’s coat for grooming.
02:27 Pre groom before bathing your dog.
03:05 Brushing your dog’s coat before bathing.
05:30 How to brush your dog’s tail before bathing.
07:30 What blade to use when clipping matted areas on your dog’s coat.
07:55 How to remove matted areas by using clippers on your dog’s coat.
15:17 Clipping the hair from your dog’s pads
16:08 How to clip your dog’s sanitary area.
18:02 How to cut your dogs nail using nail trimmers and and a nail grinder.
19.45 How to prepare your grooming table for drying.
20:43 How to bath your Moodle.
22:13 How to pamper your dog with a Purify Scrub.
22:13 How to use conditioner on your dog.
23:19 How to remove knots from your dog’s coat by brushing in the bath while conditioner is on.
24:00 How to rinse Conditioner from your dog’s coat.
24:43 How to dry your dog’s coat with a High Velocity Dryer.
26:47 How to use a stand dryer to dry and brush your dog’s coat.
29:04 The importance of second clipping your dog’s coat.
29:33 How to use a blade to set in the shape of your dog’s legs.
33:18 How to use snap on/attachment blades to clip and shape your dog’s legs.
35:42 How to scissor and shape legs using curved scissor and blenders.
48:10 How to use snap on/attachment blades to clip and shape your dog’s head.
51:03 How to use thinners to remove the hair in front of the inner corners and between your dog’s eyes.
51:58 how to use curved scissors to scissor your dog’s head.
53:14 How to scissor your dogs fringe using curved scissors.
54:21 How to use blenders to shape and cut your dog’s head.
56:20 How to use thinners to blend and shape the hair on your dog’s head.
59:42 How to scissor your dog’s ears using blenders.

**Equipment used in this grooming tutorial**

**Zoe was bathed in Melanie Newman Relax Collection**
The Relax Collection from Melanie Newman Salon Essentials has been formulated to exacting specifications for sensitive skin, puppies and senior dogs, utilising natural plantderived ingredients relax cleans without stripping moisture. Formulated with a blend of Lavender, Geranium and Bergamot, Relax will return moisture to dry skin and coat. Containing Vitamins A, C and E. All three of these vitamins promote healthy cell growth and shiny coat. Melanie Newman Salon Essentials Relax collection is formulated for Breeds with a curly and short to medium coat type, with odour fighting and calming properties through the blend of natural essential oils and Aloe Vera leaf juice, it’s also perfect for puppies and anxious pets.

Purify Collection
The Purify Collection by Melanie Newman Salon Essentials has been formulated to exacting specifications for all breed and coat types, utilising natural plant derived ingredients Purify is for the ultimate deep cleanse and clarifying shampoo. Formulated to wash toxins and pollutions from the skin and coat using activated charcoal, Earth’s natural cleaner. Purify will remove build up in the coat while using natural antioxidants to keep coat healthy and strong. Purify is a natural whitener without any of the harsh bleaching agents. Melanie Newman Salon Essentials Purify collection is formulated for all breeds, with a formula designed to wash toxins from the skin and coat the Purify collection will leave your pet looking and feeling anew.

5f blade
4f blade

Artero One Plus 38T 7inch Thinning Scissor

Artero Slicker with protective pins

Artero Double Flexible Slicker Large

Artero 23Cm Double Finishing Comb

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