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Akita Inu Dog Breed - Facts and Info


Akita Inu is famous dog breed from Japan. In this video i will tell you the most important facts and info about Akita Inu dog breed, including facts about their personality, appearance, history an health.

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Akita Inu featured in this video:

Short Breed Description:
Akita height, according to the FCI breed standard is 67 cm for males and 61 cm for females, with 3 cm tolerance. So as you can see, they are pretty tall dogs. There are no official data about weight, but it should be something between 30 to 45 kgs.

Akita Inu is double coated dog. Because they are from Japan and often times they lived in Japan mountains, the coat is very dense to keep them warm and dry in those harsh conditions.

The temperament and personality of this breed are quite unique – this is a persistent, loyal, independent and intelligent breed. But the training can be little bit harder and it will test your patience. It is because of their stubborness and independent streak.

The training might be challenging, because the Akita Inu is assertive, stubborn, and they get bored easily. They may use their intelligence in ways that suit his own purposes, rather than obeying your commands.

There was a sad moment in Akita Inu history and that was a World War II During this war, Akita Inu and other dog breeds was used as a source of fur for military clothing. This was not only about Akita Inu, all dogs, other than military German Shepherds, have to be captured for military purposes.

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